Pickle Juice!…or Mustard?

Thursday, September 01, 2016

If any of you have ever experienced a muscle cramp, you know there’s nothing like it. One minute you're minding your own business sleeping or relaxing or just doing some normal daily task when maybe you role over, or stretch or reach for something and all of a sudden, “Cramp, Cramp, Cramp!!! Eeeeaaww!” and you’re now writhing a dance and uttering a sound that would make a great clip for the exorcist! All you want is instant relief and though you try to stretch it out it ain’t a comin, so what to do? Pickle juice!

First and foremost you gotta get to it by hop or crawl, but once you do studies have shown that drinking 2-3 ounces of pickle juice or even a tablespoon of mustard will indeed help the muscle cramp release quicker than most any other conventional method. Research is still trying to figure out exactly why muscle cramps happen whether related to loss of electrolytes and/or dehydration or deficiency in potassium or magnesium, there are many studies and theories. There is also a number of medications that also can have muscle cramping as a side affect, and those who are on such medications as well as those who have high blood pressure should not be downing a great amount of pickle juice or mustard without discussing it with their doctor due to the high salt content. But, for those who have the every once in a while, rude awakening with a muscle cramp, give a swig of pickle juice or a tablespoon of mustard a try, you might just find the relief you were looking for!

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