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6-week Comprehensive Workshops

If you love being in a group setting, meeting new people, and sharing your story while being challenged to grow and be a better YOU, then our workshops might be a great fit for you. Our Nutrition Workshops are a great way to gain nutritional knowledge, to progress towards one or more of your goals, and to meet new people with similar mindsets striving to leap over similar hurdles. Coaches and topics vary.

What To Expect

  • Workshop topics will vary but most often will include topics related to weight/fat loss.
  • Within the hour of the workshop, there will be a short lecture component, discussions, group break-outs, and a q & a time.
  • Gain practical tips! Each workshop may provide a variety of hand-outs, booklets, menus, recipes, food, and/or drinks.
  • All sessions will be in a group setting. One-on-one time with the coach can be booked separately.
  • Each session will meet once a week for one hour, and the duration of each workshop will be 6 weeks
  • Six-week workshops are intended to condense large topics and a lot of knowledge into short 1 hour classes.
  • Group meetings will be held at Body Basics, 1190 W. River St. Boise, ID 83702.
  • Maximum class size is 12 people. Minimum is 5.
  • Each workshop is $250 per person.

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